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Innovist Coupons, Deals, sales , and Codes (23 Offers ) July 2024

Welcome to Indulekha, where Ayurvedic beauty meets modern skincare and haircare solutions. Explore our range of products meticulously crafted with natural ingredients and ancient wisdom to nourish and rejuvenate your hair and skin. From our signature hair oil to nourishing shampoos and conditioners, Indulekha offers holistic beauty solutions rooted in Ayurveda. With SavePlus, access exclusive deals and discounts on Indulekha products, ensuring you can embrace the power of nature without breaking the bank. Nurture your beauty with Indulekha and SavePlus today
Purchase Hair Care Products For Men and Women Starting From Rs.299

Explore our range of hair care products for men and women. Find the perfect solutions to keep your hair healthy, strong, and stylish, with options to suit every need and preference.
  • Verified On: 04/07/2024
  • Expires On:13/08/2024
  • LOW PRICE Deal
    Buy Acne Products Starting From Rs.299

    Discover our range of acne products designed to help you achieve clearer, healthier skin. Choose from effective treatments and solutions that target blemishes and promote a smoother complexion.
  • Verified On: 03/07/2024
  • Expires On:12/08/2024
  • SAVE Deal
    Buy Stretch Marks and Scar Fading Oil Starting From Rs.349

    Discover our Stretch Marks and Scar Fading Oil, designed to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. Enhance your skincare routine with this effective oil, perfect for reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars.
  • Verified On: 02/07/2024
  • Expires On:11/08/2024
  • 25% OFF Deal
    Get Up To 25% Off On All Orders Above Rs.599

    Enjoy significant savings on all orders over a specified amount! Take advantage of this special offer to get great deals on your favorite products. Perfect for savvy shoppers looking to maximize their value.
  • Verified On: 01/07/2024
  • Expires On:10/08/2024
  • AWESOME Deal
    Purchase Kids Hair Care Starting at Rs.399

    Purchase kids' hair care products at an affordable starting price! Keep your child's hair healthy and shiny with high-quality solutions. Perfect for parents looking for gentle and effective hair care options.
  • Verified On: 29/06/2024
  • Expires On:08/08/2024
    Free Gift On Your First App Order

    Receive a complimentary gift with your first app order! Enjoy a special treat as a thank you for trying our app. Perfect for new customers looking to explore our offerings.
  • Verified On: 28/06/2024
  • Expires On:07/08/2024
  • SAVE Deal
    Purchase Skin Care Products For Dullness Starting at Rs.249

    Purchase skin care products for dullness at an affordable starting price! Revitalize your complexion with high-quality solutions designed to brighten and rejuvenate. Perfect for those seeking effective and budget-friendly skin care.
  • Verified On: 27/06/2024
  • Expires On:06/08/2024
  • AWESOME Deal
    Buy 1 Get 1 Free on All Products

    Purchase one item and get another absolutely free on all products! Take advantage of this fantastic offer to double your savings and stock up on your favorites. Perfect for savvy shoppers.
  • Verified On: 26/06/2024
  • Expires On:05/08/2024
  • LOW PRICE Deal
    Buy Hair Damage Repair Products Starting From Rs.475

    Purchase hair damage repair products at an affordable starting price! Restore and rejuvenate your hair with high-quality solutions. Ideal for those looking to revitalize their hair without overspending.
  • Verified On: 24/06/2024
  • Expires On:03/08/2024
  • LOW PRICE Deal
    Buy Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner Starting From Rs.595

    Purchase volumizing shampoo and conditioner at an affordable starting price! Achieve fuller, healthier hair without breaking the bank. Ideal for those looking to add volume and shine to their hair care routine.
  • Verified On: 22/06/2024
  • Expires On:01/08/2024
    Buy 2 Get 3 Free on All Products

    Purchase two items and receive three additional items for free on all products! Take advantage of this fantastic offer to stock up on your favorites and enjoy unbeatable savings. Perfect for smart shoppers.
  • Verified On: 21/06/2024
  • Expires On:31/07/2024
    Purchase Uneven Tone Starting From Rs.299

    Shop for products that address uneven skin tone. Find the perfect solution to achieve a more balanced and radiant complexion from our diverse selection. Start your journey to flawless skin today.
  • Verified On: 18/06/2024
  • Expires On:28/07/2024
    Purchase Hydration Enhancers Starting From Rs.599

    Explore our range of hydration enhancers designed to keep your skin moisturized and radiant. Perfect for all skin types, these products offer long-lasting hydration. Start your journey to healthier skin today!
  • Verified On: 17/06/2024
  • Expires On:27/07/2024
  • LOW PRICE Deal
    Purchase Curls Defining Products For Women Starting at Rs.449

    Shop now for curl-defining products designed for women. Achieve perfect, frizz-free curls with top-quality items at unbeatable prices. Elevate your hair care routine with these essential products today!
  • Verified On: 15/06/2024
  • Expires On:25/07/2024
  • SAVE Deal
    Buy Hair Color Protection Starting at Rs.595

    Discover hair color protection products at an attractive starting price. Keep your hair vibrant and protected with our specially formulated products designed to maintain and enhance your color. Shop now for the best deals!
  • Verified On: 13/06/2024
  • Expires On:23/07/2024
  • 35% OFF Deal
    Get Up To 35% Off On All Sunscreens

    Save big on all sunscreen products. Enjoy great discounts and protect your skin with top-quality sunscreens. Don't miss this chance to stock up on your sun protection essentials!
  • Verified On: 12/06/2024
  • Expires On:22/07/2024
    Purchase Sunscreen Products For Men and Women Starting From Rs.299

    Discover a wide range of sunscreen products designed for both men and women. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with our high-quality, effective formulations. Perfect for daily use and outdoor activities.
  • Verified On: 11/06/2024
  • Expires On:21/07/2024
  • AWESOME Deal
    Purchase Skincare Products For Pigmentation Starting From Rs.349

    Discover effective skincare solutions for pigmentation. Choose from a range of products designed to even skin tone and reduce dark spots. Start your journey to clearer skin with these specially formulated treatments.
  • Verified On: 10/06/2024
  • Expires On:20/07/2024
    Purchase Experimental Bath and Body By Vinci Starting From Rs.299

    Discover the innovative bath and body products by Vinci. Indulge in a luxurious experience with their unique formulations designed to pamper and rejuvenate your skin. Perfect for those seeking something extraordinary.
  • Verified On: 07/06/2024
  • Expires On:17/07/2024
    Buy SunScoop Sunscreen Products Starting at Rs.349

    Explore SunScoop sunscreen products for comprehensive sun protection. Designed to nourish and shield your skin, these sunscreens offer reliable defense against harmful UV rays, ensuring a healthy and radiant complexion.
  • Verified On: 06/06/2024
  • Expires On:16/07/2024
    Buy 2 Get 2 Free on All Products

    Take advantage of our special offer: buy two products and get two more free. Stock up on your favorites and enjoy the extra savings. Don't miss out on this incredible deal!
  • Verified On: 05/06/2024
  • Expires On:15/07/2024
  • SAVE Deal
    Pay Day Sale is Now Live

    Don't miss out on incredible deals during our Pay Day Sale! Shop now and enjoy fantastic discounts on a wide range of products. Hurry, these offers won't last long!
  • Verified On: 04/06/2024
  • Expires On:14/07/2024
  • 35% OFF Deal
    Get Up To 35% Off On All Orders Above Rs.899

    Enjoy great discounts on all orders over Rs.899. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save on your favorite items. Shop now and take advantage of these amazing deals!
  • Verified On: 03/06/2024
  • Expires On:13/07/2024
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